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RC Nitro Airplane(CAP-232-60 )
2014-08-23RC Nitro Airplane(CAP-232-60 )

RC Nitro Airplane(CAP-232-60 ) Name CAP-232 Wing span 62.2in/1580mm Wing area Length 50.3in/1280mm Explanation   Flying weight:3000g; Engine:2cycle 60,4cycle 90; Radio:4channels 6servos

RC Nitro plane(Shooting star-40)
2014-08-23RC Nitro plane(Shooting star-40)

RC Nitro plane(Shooting star-40) Wing span: 55in/1400mm; Wing area:; Length: 53.5in/1360mm;   Explanation    Flying Weight:2200g; Engine:2cycle 40-46,4cycle 45-61; Radio:4channels 4servos

Super Trainer - 60 RC Nitro Airplane
2014-08-23Super Trainer - 60 RC Nitro Airplane

 Super Trainer - 60 RC Nitro Airplane Wing Span: 70in/1778mm Wing Area: 900sq in/58sq dm Flying Weight: 4.8~5.0lbs/2300g (Wooden) Fuselage Length: 45.7in/1160mm Engine Required: 2C 0.60 cu in ; 4C 0.90 cu in Radio Required: 4 Channels, 5 Servos

INSPIRE 60 acro R/C Nitro Airplane
2014-08-23INSPIRE 60 acro R/C Nitro Airplane

INSPIRE 60 acro  Nitro Airplane INSPIRE 60 acro INFO Fliton proudly introduces the new Inspire 60 Acro (Hybrid) ARF, perhaps our best performing product to date. The Inspire 60 demonstrates unique precision and 3D flying qualities that are often discussed about, but rarely delivered by any single airplane. The Inspire exhibits rock-solid precision flying, extremely straight lines with instantaneous snap-roll recovery and full or fractional snaps upon stick release. By moving to high rates, the Inspire is a 3D demon with completely steady upright and inverted harriers, stable controllable hovers aided by the large, full length ailerons, and laser-straight knife edge performance. T...

EXTRA330 70 RC Toy Model Nitro Airplane
2014-08-23EXTRA330 70 RC Toy Model Nitro Airplane

Wingspan: 1520 mm/59.8in Fuselage Length : 1455 mm / 57.3 inches Fliying Weight : 2650g/92.6 oz                                      Engine : 2Stroke 50-55  4Stroke 61-91 Radio: 6CH  5*Servos