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AJ EXTRA330S 30E R/C Toy Electric power Airplane
2014-08-23AJ EXTRA330S 30E R/C Toy Electric power Airplane

AJ EXTRA330S 30E Electric power Airplane ANDREW JESKY EXTRA330S INFO When Fliton sat down with the 2005 XFC champion Andrew Jesky, he was adamant about making the absolute best large scale parkflyer available in todays market. After many design changes and 3 prototypes later, Fliton would proudly unveil the Andrew Jesky Extra 330S... the ultimate in professional grade. The overall build is very straightforward and can be assembled in as little as a few hours. An interlocking joint structure and special covering also makes for a very strong construction. Expect your Andrew Jesky Extra to execute 40% size performance without the added expense of larger kits. It can easily pe...

EDGE-540 MINI RC Hobby Elctric Power Airplane
2014-08-23EDGE-540 MINI RC Hobby Elctric Power Airplane

EDGE-540 MINI Elctric Power Airplane EDGE-540 MINI INFO If you are an Edge fan or looking for an airplane that offers both precision and aerobatics in a parkflyer size, the Edge 540 Mini by Fliton should be your top choice. It is ready to assemble right out of the box and you wont have to fuss with warped parts or misaligned pieces. This Edge is lasercut to the ends using CAD and 3D rendering programs and pre-assembled by hand to ensure each piece is accurate. This type of accuracy goes a long way when you call upon it for performance.   SPECIFICATIONS Wingspan : 990 mm / 38.97 inches Lenght : 934 mm / 36.77 inches Flying Weight : 570 ~ 590 g / 20.10 oz ...

ROGUE 3D BIPE Mini RC Toy Elctric Power Plane
2014-08-23ROGUE 3D BIPE Mini RC Toy Elctric Power Plane

ROGUE 3D BIPE Mini Elctric Power Airplane An original design in a class of its own. This meticulously produced and engineered aircraft offers precision maneuvering capabilities and tons of fun. Witness extremely steady flights at slow speeds while executing high performance aerobatics with ease. With the wing joiners adding extra surface area, Knife-edges can be performed well with little or no pull and the response is amazing. Once you are dialed in, the Rogue will be amongst your favorite planes. The performance also highly compliments the sleek aggressive look and high quality build. As in all Fliton brands, this model uses only hand constructed premium Balsa and as a true 95% ARF, o...

ELEMENT 30E F3A  RC Toy Model Electric power Plane
2014-08-23ELEMENT 30E F3A RC Toy Model Electric power Plane

ELEMENT 30E F3A  Electric power Airplane ELEMENT 30 F3A INFO The Element 30 F3A offers a striking resemblence in both performance and quality to competition size F3A aircrafts. In fact, the driving force behind this design is to offer F3A pilots a true pattern or image training airplane that can be flown daily at any park. An airfoiled rudder and elevators also provide excellent wind resistence, while presenting the aircraft like its bigger predecessors. The Element also features a fully built-up hatch (not plastic) for more structural integrity. Our thorough testing has lead us to believe, beyond a doubt, that this is the best parkflyer pattern ship available in today's market. Mos...

Prodigy MINI R/C Toy Elctric Power Airplane
2014-08-23Prodigy MINI R/C Toy Elctric Power Airplane

Prodigy MINI Elctric Power Airplane Wingspan : 950 mm / 37.6 inches Fuselage Length : 1002 mm / 42.37 inches Flying weight : 540-570g REQUIRES equipment: Motor: 2834/980KV; 2212/1000KV  Brushless ESC: 18-25A  Brushles Battery: 11.1V 1100-1300MAH  Propeller: 1047; 1147 Radio: 4CH, 4 Servos